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Privacy Policy

1. General conditions

1.1. This Privacy policy regulates LLC „Printuva” e-shop - (further – VSMARK) and  VSMARK customer‘s (further – You, yours) basic personal data collection, management and protection principles and conditions.

1.2. Collection, management and protection of your personal data is regulated by this Privacy policy, Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Protection of Personal Data, Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, LLC „Printuva ” personal data management rules.

1.3. While using e-shop, you agree that VSMARK will possess and manage in this privacy policy established conditions and methods.

       1.4. VSMARK follows these private data management principles:

            1.4.1. Private data is collected for described and legal purposes;

            1.4.2. Private data is managed precisely and fairly.

            1.4.3. Private data is managed legaly, it means only when :

               You agree with it;

               A contract is concluded or executed, when You are one side in contract;

               Private data needs to be managed for legal interest, that  VSMARK seeks or third person, for who personal data is provided and if Yours interests are not more important.

            1.4.4. Personal data is casually renewable;

            1.4.5. Personal data is kept no longer than it is required by determined data management purposes;

            1.4.6. Personal data is managed only by those employees, who are empowered with the right for it;

            1.4.7. All information about managing personal data is confidential.

       1.5. Use of our e-shop services is allowed for :

            1.5.1. All capable physical persons, not younger than 18 years old;

            1.5.2. Legal persons;

            1.5.3. All above mentioned persons authorized representatives.




2. Private data collecting, managing and protection

       2.1. VSMARK respects any of You rights to privacy. Your private data (Name, Surname, address, phone number, email address and any other in e-shop registration form indicated information), data about ordering products is collected and managed for:

            2.1.1. Process of Your products order;

            2.1.2. Process of finance invoice documentation;

            2.1.3. Process of problem solving, concerned with products delivery or shipping;

            2.1.4. Process of any other commitment agreed by both parties;

            2.1.5. Direct marketing purposes.

       2.2. By the time of registration in e-shop You must declare full and exact personal data, in case of them changed, immediately renew them.

       2.3. While managing and protecting Your personal data VSMARK applies organizational and technical data protection methods, that protects personal data from casual or illegal destroying, modifying, disclosure, also from any other illegal activities.

       2.4. Your personal data is protected and managed until your order is delivered.
 After delivery of products Your personal data is destroyed by company‘s authorised employee.

       2.5. VSMARK can use Your impersonal, with your personality directly unrelated data for statistic purposes, It means data about purchased products. This statistic data will be collected and managed in ways that will not allow to disclose any personal identity data or any other personal data, by which would be possible to identify persons identity.


3. Cookie Files

       3.1. Internet Website uses cookie technologies that allows to adjust VSMARK e-shop content for Your needs and convenience.

       3.2. Seeking to ensure proper website services functioning, is used cookies – little files, installed in users computer hardware. They allow to recognise user during repeated log-in and also collects information about his type of using the website,
It means., what service providers he visited, what content he viewed, which way he used to reach that content. Collecting this information, gives VSMARK an opportunity to better adjust the e-shop website for our customers. Cookie files allows us to recognize users
preferences, not to identify who is he.

       3.3. You can turn off cookie services anytime in your internet browser by changing security level to absolute cookie blocking.

       3.4. Cookie data, collected in website , we use to:

            3.4.1. Support users registration – cookies allows us to recognize user properly, when access privilege for checkup process is ended;

            3.4.2. Internet survey fulfilment – those helps us to remember already known answers;

            3.4.3. Purposes related with advertisement demonstration in website.




4. Private data disclosure to third parties

       4.1. VSMARK data managers has the right to maintain Your personal data –

Our server service provider and companies delivering post shipments – but only as much as necessary to perform their services. VSMARK has the right to provide Your personal data to third parties only in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.



5. Personal data changing or updating

       5.1. You have the right to change and/or update the information you provided during registration.

       5.2. You have responsibility to provide only legit and correct personal data in registration forms. VSMARK is not responsible for correctness of personal data provided in registration forms or any other harm originated from providing false personal data.

6. Transmission of information or claims

       6.1. After you agree to give the right to process your personal data, you have the right to;

            6.1.1. Require to correct data, destroy your personal data or suspend, except storing Your personal data processing actions when data is processed in violation of the provisions of this and other laws; 

            6.1.2. Do not consent to the processing of your personal data;

       6.2 After receiving your request for personal data processing, VSMARK will provide you with an answer no later than 30 calendar days from the date of your request.

7. Changes of Privacy Policy

       7.1. VSMARK has the right to unilaterally in part or in full to amend the privacy policy. If any changes are applied VSMARK notifies about it in e-shop.

       7.2. Privacy policy updates or changes takes effects from the day of their publication, it means from the day when they are published in e-shop.